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  • Can men join the class?
    Yes, of course it's okay. YOGIWAY is focusing on popularizing men's yoga, so please invite your friends to join us. By the way, the origin of yoga, in ancient India, was originally recognized as "yoga is what men do". There is also a historical background that warriors under the direct control of the royal palace practiced yoga to train their bodies, so I would like to recommend yoga to men. Book a class experience here
  • I've never done yoga, is that okay?
    Yes, no problem at all. Rather, I would like beginners and inexperienced people to go to the studio and learn beautiful yoga poses.
  • My body is stiff, are you okay?
    Yes, of course I'm fine. Representative YUKI is also a former rugby player with a stiff body and muscles that get in the way. I started yoga where I couldn't pose. If you continue practicing in the right way, the results will come out naturally, although there are individual differences in speed.
  • What is BTY (BORN TO YOG)?
    BTY is a new era devised by Veggie Sato It is a yoga style that is becoming the standard for. YOGIWAY positions BTY as "active yoga anyway", but the interpretation is different for each person. Seeing is believing, and seeing is believing. If you are interested, please try BTY at YOGIWAY first. Book a class experience here If you are interested in BTY, please visit BORN TO YOG Official Homepage Please take a look.
  • Please tell me the yoga mat you are using in YOGIWAY.
    "YOG MAT" The standard yoga mat is 180 cm in height and 60 cm in width, but the "YOG MAT" that can be used in YOGIWAY is 200 cm in height and 50 cm in width , which has never been seen before. doing. Take this opportunity to try the supreme yoga mat that has achieved the mat shape that active yoga enthusiasts really need. If you would like to purchase, please contact contact us .
  • How many minutes is one class?
    60 minutes. Includes a little talk before the class starts and the final shaversana (cool down).
  • Please tell me what to bring.
    Yoga wear Sweat towel Your favorite drink * There is water, so you don't need to drink.
  • Should I bring a yoga mat?
    Basically not necessary. YOGIWAY offers free yoga mats in all classes. * We do our best to clean and disinfect yoga mats, but we will share it with everyone, so please bring your own mat if you are interested.
  • Is there a place to change clothes?
    Yes, there is. Space is limited, so we recommend that you come to the store with yoga wear.
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